Crisis management exercises

Prepare for cyber crises and develop the resilience of your employees.

Develop the resilience of your organization

A set of techniques and means to prepare, manage and resolve a cyber crisis.

Our teams put your employees in real-life situations to test your abilities, your climbing procedures and your resistance to pressure.

For which purposes?

Preparing and increasing the skills of your teams will be essential to overcome a real cyber crisis.

  • Meet legal requirements

  • Raising awareness internally

  • Train or train your staff

  • Testing your crisis management system

  • Improve your internal procedures, communication and coordination

Crisis management exercises

  • A complete exercises panel

  • Customizable scenarios

  • Attacks based on real cases

  • A crisis involving all your departments

  • Created and lead by our specialists (cert, csirt, cti and audit)

  • Experiences feedback

  • A follow-up meeting 1 month after

A service offered by CERT-XMCO

  • CERT-XMCO is our CSIRT.

  • The CERT-XMCO is a member of intercert france and recognized by tf-csirt and the trusted introducer

    This makes it possible to obtain information and collaborate with other French and European CERTs such as CERT-FR.

  • For more information on CERT-XMCO, please see our RFC 2350.

Are you ready to handle a cyber crisis?