Active Directory

Our solution scans your Active Directory, identifies configuration flaws and prioritizes recommendations to mitigate associated risks.

The Active Directory is the heart and often the weak link in the security of a company.

Its compromise makes it possible to obtain full access to the entire information system.

Evaluate the security level of your Active Directory

Our audits help identify vulnerabilities that can be exploited by attackers and issues with user accounts. Our evaluation methodology based on our experience and expertise is based on 3 themes:

  • Password audit

    • The strength of passwords according to the type of account (administrators / services)
    • Most used weak passwords
    • Accounts without password expiration…

  • Review of accounts

    • High Privilege Accounts (HPA) / Service Accounts
    • “Ghost” accounts
    • Accounts that do not require Kerberos pre-authentication

  • Review of resources

    • Obsolete or inactive systems
    • The strength of machine passwords
    • Kerberos password rotation

Get your managerial and technical report

  • KPIs & summary

  • Plan of actions

  • Interactive charts

  • History

Why choose XMCO?

  • Proven expertise since 2002 in the field of intrusion testing

  • Solution entirely developed by XMCO

  • Servers hosted within a dedicated and ephemeral IS

  • Detailed and interactive multilingual HTML report

  • No agent or probe installed on your IS

  • Rapid analysis and permanent support