Experts from the CERT-XMCO help you protect your business, by controlling your exposure and making it easier to maintain your level of security.

CERT-XMCO: who are we?

The CERT-XMCO is the CSIRT of the XMCO company.

  • It is recognized by the French government CERT (CERT-FR), as well as by the TF-CSIRT and the Trusted Introducer, which allows it to obtain information and collaborate with other French and European CERTs.

  • For more information on CERT-XMCO, please see our RFC 2350.
    GPG : 0x17587ED8
    Email : cert@xmco.fr

Services offered by CERT-XMCO

CERT-XMCO protects your business by controlling your exposure and making it easier to maintain your level of security.

  • Yuno, vulnerability watch

    The objective of our Monitoring Service is to warn our customers upstream of threats that may weigh on their IS (attacks, vulnerabilities, patches), and this in a personalized way:
    • depending on their systems and versions
    • according to their internal organization
    • according to the level of criticality
    This service allows you to independently and optimally maintain your level of security between two audits.

    Learn more about Yuno
  • Serenety, Cyber Threat-Intelligence

    Based on the knowledge of attack techniques adopted by hackers, we have set up a monitoring service to help you control your company’s exposure on the Internet and anticipate threats. Serenety is based on the experience gained through our expertise in penetration testing and incident response (Forensics).

    Learn more about Serenety
  • Incident Response

    GCFA certified, we help you, in a short time to respond to the security incidents of which your company is victim.

    Learn more about our incident response
  • Support for remediation

    We support Serenety customers in remedial actions with third parties (registrar, host, service providers). The actions are aimed at closing the site (take-down), deleting code repositories, etc. Support can go as far as carrying out ad hoc forensic investigations (e.g. disk analysis, log analysis, OSINT research).

    Learn more about this support

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