Organize your security action plan

Consolidate, manage and federate your actions on a single platform

We have developed a solution to help you consolidate the monitoring of all security actions within a dedicated portal.

The portal offers 3 major functionalities:

  • A workflow tool that allows you to process the actions to be performed and track those being resolved through a ticket system.

  • The integration of all XMCO service offers: Vulnerability Watch and Cyber-surveillance, Audits and Phishing Campaign.

  • An API to automate the retrieval of information made available to you.

Monitor and maintain the security level of your platforms

With the Portal you aggregate all your services on a single platform and you benefit from alerts on new vulnerabilities!

  • Management tool
  • Security level
  • Monitoring and action plan

    Manage your action plans

    One action plan often chases another, and the years follow one another at the rate of recurring audits, without necessarily following what happens between 2 audits of the same infrastructure. With the XMCO Portal, your action plans are all centralized in the same place, and are enriched daily with new monitoring or cyber-surveillance alerts. As we carry out audits for you, the XMCO Portal becomes a precise management tool for your level of security. You no longer have to worry about new vulnerabilities, the XMCO Portal does it for you!


    Monitoring the security level of your audits

    Each time an employee intervenes on the action plan, all the modifications are recorded, logged, and the audit score changes in real time.


    The watch feeds the action plans of your audits

    For each new vulnerability that could concern a component of the audited environment, a ticket is automatically added to the audit action plan, and the security level is recalculated in real time.

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