360° audits

The 360° audit makes it possible to carry out a general inventory of your information system.

The cyber context of SMEs in France

Often more vulnerable than large accounts, SMEs are increasingly targeted by cyberattacks.

And for good reason, a study by Hiscax Insurance indicates that between 2017 and 2018, the evolution of the number of SMEs victims of a cyber incident increased from 36% to 63%.

The protection of SMEs is made difficult in particular because of aggravating circumstances:

  • A lack of financial or human resources

  • A lack of cybersecurity culture

  • Increasing use of the cloud

  • Acceleration of digital transformation

  • A poor experience in cyber-security

  • A late awareness of the value of their information system (after a security incident which could have been avoided or at least controlled)

Our engagements

The security audit is one of the solutions to identify the main vulnerabilities of your information system, and to define the overall level of security. This analysis allows you to quickly orient your cybersecurity strategy.

  • An offer 100% in line with the needs and business context of SMEs.

  • A fixed rate, adapted to the budgets of SMEs.

  • A clear dashboard of your security.

  • A checklist of vulnerabilities and associated recommendations.

Our methodology

  • Passive Research / Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)

    Research and analysis of information related to the company in the various sources of public information present on the “Internet” that may affect the security of the company, its data, its employees or facilitate the implementation of attack scenarios (employees, financial data, business/technical documents, secrets, etc.).
    We rely in particular on search engines (Google, DuckDuckGo, Yandex, Bing, etc.), information exchange or code deposit platforms (Stack Overflow, Reddit, GitHub, etc.), social networks , information from DNS resolvers, specialized forums, etc.

  • External Intrusion Tests (EIT)

    We are evaluating here the ability of an “external” attacker to compromise or harm the Information System from the Internet. These tests in the 360 ​​context are generally carried out in a “**black box**” (without a user account) (showcase site, extranet, business application).
    However, we can target critical “grey box” applications (with user accounts communicated by the technical teams) in order to delve into more complex scenarios according to the needs of each client.

  • Internal Intrusion Tests (ITI)

    Technical audit of the Information System from internal access (on premises or via VPN). We assess the ability to compromise or harm the client’s Information System by an attacker with internal access, a collaborator or a malicious service provider.
    The usual objective is to take total control of resources (e.g. by taking control of a domain administrator account in an Active Directory context) or highlighting so-called “risky” information recovery scenarios (approach via “flags” to be retrieved set out upstream of the audit).

  • Wi-Fi Audit

    The goal is to simulate the behavior of an attacker able to interact with the company’s Wi-Fi access in order to highlight exploitable vulnerabilities near the premises.

  • Evaluation of the main cloud services used

    Here we evaluate the attack surface of the environment administered by the customer (or by outsourcers) and carry out various checks on the configuration (generally with an administration account with read-only rights).

  • Environment maturity audit

    Whether it is directly administered by the client or by various outsourcers, we will carry out a **pragmatic** study of the procedures and policies put in place, the documents available, etc. (organizational audit approach).
    The objective here is to understand the practices in force within the company, to identify its issues and then to assess the level of maturity of the company with regard to its needs and the market (good practices and average level observed within comparable organizations) in order to produce an inventory supplemented by one or more interviews.

  • Raising employee awareness of cyber-security risks

    Depending on the request and the context of each client, we will make the choice to:
    – a full-scale awareness-raising exercise in order to take stock of the level of employee awareness (fictitious phishing campaign with a model);
    – an awareness-raising workshop presented by XMCO consultants around the theme of “general safety” in order to help all technical and non-technical employees to better understand the risks.

Goals of a 360° audit

  • Identify the needs with regard to the level of technical and organizational maturity in terms of security in order to propose the best possible approach to the 360 ​​audit

  • Cover as much of the attack surface as possible

  • Highlight / exploit vulnerabilities and clearly report the risks

  • Identify the various projects to be implemented in order to strengthen the level of security of the IS with a relevant action plan adapted to each structure

Why choose XMCO?

  • We are PASSI qualified by ANSSI.

  • XMCO is an official CERT. Any vulnerability detected is immediately integrated into the tests in progress.

  • 20 years of experience in auditing and penetration testing.

  • Additional options to go further: Phishing, Audit active directory…

Build your cybersecurity with XMCO !