XMCO, cybersecurity consulting firm

We support you in anticipating, detecting and reacting to cyber threats

For nearly 20 years, the firm has been supporting the largest companies in their challenges related to cybersecurity.

Our mission is to provide the best services thanks to the best cybersecurity experts who are constantly evolving from a technical, methodological and/or managerial point of view.

The story begins in 2002…

It was November 13, 2002. I signed papers, dozens of signatures… For one more professional adventure… The bubble of the 2000s had just burst, the Internet was stammering, and was mainly used to consult the site of the FNAC or train timetables… Smartphones didn’t exist… I told myself that Cybersecurity was a market with a future, that there was room on the French market for a benchmark player. I wanted to succeed, even if at 29, the criteria for success are still a little vague: create a company, make money, and sell it to the highest bidder. The famous start-up fantasy… 20 years have passed… What I thought was just one more episode in my career turned out to be the adventure of my life. I hope I have lived up to the trust you have all shown in me. »

Marc Behar, CEO

And today, XMCO is an independent and major player in cybersecurity

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Our expertise

Build your overall cybersecurity strategy


Our team supports you in building your overall cybersecurity strategy.

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Skills development through training and content

So that each client can develop their knowledge, we present training, articles on all cybersecurity topics and the ActuSécu, a free magazine. We are also present at major cybersecurity events so that we can get to know each other and see each of you again.

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Team spirit

Employee development

We place the fulfillment of employees at the heart of our development strategy to enable everyone to develop in an environment of trust. Throughout the year, XMCO organizes meetings dedicated to its employees: internal training, seminars, team outings, after work…

Discover the team Discover the team
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Expertise through research and development

Our internal center dedicated to research and development supports consultants, develops and improves our services to continue to offer solutions close to the market and your needs.

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Committed to the cyber community

Our employees work in schools or training centers to pass on their passion and their feedback. We also take part in numerous conferences and are involved in associations.

Club Ebios
ADN Ouest

Accreditations & Qualifications

Our commitment is reflected in our accreditations and research.

XMCO is PASSI qualified on the 5 scopes (Architectural Audit, Organizational and Physical Audit, Penetration Tests, Configuration Audit and Code Audit).

We are qualified by the PCI Security Standards Council to validate an entity’s adherence to PCI DSS.

The CERT-XMCO is an official CERT, accredited by the TF-CSIRT and organized to react in the event of a computer incident.

XMCO is referenced on the Generalist Public Purchasing Center.

XMCO is referenced on the Hospital IT Purchasing Center.

XMCO is a referenced field service provider with ANSSI. We help organizations to establish a cyber diagnosis and a roadmap of security actions to be carried out.

You are in good hands

XMCO is active in all major business sectors in France. We owe the trust our customers place in us to an ambitious quality approach.

  • “Serenety makes it possible to detect potential attacks extremely quickly.”

    It’s true that the name Serenety is well chosen! The service brings us a little serenity. It reassures us about what is exposed on the IS and on the internet. Serenety makes it possible to detect potential attacks extremely quickly. For us, it is essential to be present upstream and to intervene quickly on an element that would be defective. Serenety represents time savings and organization. We are not drowned under a mass of information: they are targeted and directly linked to the perimeter of the member.

    Remi Tilly

    CISO, Sesan

  • “It’s quite pleasant!”

    With XMCO we have constructive dialogues, feedback from competent consultants. All recommendations and justifications are relevant.


    Security Engineer and PCI DSS Manager, PayPlug

  • “The best way not to have problems is not to do research”

    Historical customer, the company has called on the services of XMCO to provide cyber monitoring – with YUNO – for pentests and more recently for security architecture advice.

    Marc Bouget

    CISO, JC Decaux

  • “We can only congratulate ourselves on this reliable and quality collaboration.”

    XMCO has been a GMF partner since 2006. They have accompanied us on many missions, during which we have appreciated their expertise, their seriousness and their sense of human contact. Their ability to highlight security issues has enabled us to raise awareness among the right people and to improve the consideration of computer security within the GMF.

    Thierry Thireau


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