Cyber watch on a daily basis, less worries!

Unload the weight of the day before to focus on the essentials: protecting your business

Fresh information: take the time to act

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    Receive the latest news daily

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    Be notified in real time during a critical alert by text message

Watch now

A 360° monitoring: do not miss any information

A clear vision of your environment for a secure information system

  • Synthetic and actionable technical watch: go from watch to action

    • Criticality score resulting from 20 years of experience
    • Attack vector
    • Potential damage
    • Recommendations
    • Perimeters impacted

  • Environmental monitoring : boost your decision-making with CTI (Cyber Threat Intelligence)

    • Foreign companies in a country are frequently subject to cyber attacks, should I prioritize the installation of patches in my subsidiary within this country?
    • A group of attackers is raging in my sector of activity, is my Information System up to date?
    • Does my information system comply with the latest European data protection standard?
    • Have my employees been made aware of how this ransomware works?

Adapt cyberwatch to your organization and not the opposite way

Structure a monitoring approach in harmony with your business reality

  • Cyber watch adapted to your organization

    • Scope by subsidiary
    • Scope by technology
    • Scope by business activity

  • Cyber watch adapted to the needs of your employees

    • Bulletins in French or in English
    • Criticality
    • Themes
    • Communication channel (mail, SaaS, sms, api)
    • Monitoring adapted to interlocutors (systems administrator, developers, project managers, security managers, top management, etc.)

Key figures of Yuno

  • 20years of experience

  • 25newsletters written per day

  • 1 000 source of information

  • 1 500technologies followed

  • 60 000newsletters published

Our team, the core of our cyber watch

  • Benefit from the expertise of CERT-XMCO

    Created in 2010, XMCO’s CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team) is in charge of communicating good practices and information on the emergence of new threats to keep your information system protected. CERT-XMCO has been recognized by ANSSI and is part of the French Inter-CERT network

  • Cross-checking of sources

    CERT-XMCO tracks and aggregates over 1,000 news sources daily.

  • Writing newsletters

    Each bulletin is drafted manually by our watchers to ensure that you receive synthetic and actionable information.

  • Criticality estimation

    The result of 20 years of experience, the criticality score of each watch bulletin is precisely estimated by the watchman.

  • Dedicated support

    A question ? A suggestion ? Get dedicated support by phone and email

Effectively manage your patch management via dedicated action plans

• Automatic creation of action tickets
• Automatic assignment to the manager according to the impacted perimeters
• Reintegrate your action plans into your ticketing tool via our API or consult them on our SaaS platform

Yuno in detail

  • No integration needed

  • Setup in 3 minutes

  • 2-factor authentication and identity federation available

  • SSL connection

  • Integrable into your ecosystem via API

You are in good hands

XMCO supports nearly 300 companies each year.

  • “Thanks to the platform we know who is affected by a vulnerability”

    Yuno allows us to define our perimeters and provide separate access to each of our 120 establishments while maintaining a global view of each of them. Thanks to the platform we know who is affected by a vulnerability. This allows us to better communicate and manage patches better. All sources and rifts in the world are filtered. We know that we only receive what interests us.

    Gregoire Saugy

    CISO – Elsan

  • “Awareness tool”

    The Yuno watch provides information oriented on our declared services. It helps to maintain knowledge with my teams. I also use it as an awareness tool because some newsletters help explain and support my messages.

    Yohann Guiot

    Group CISO and DPO – Flowbird

  • “Regularity of information, time saved”

    The monitoring service allows me to have better coverage of the technologies used, a format that already includes an explanation and a level of criticality, a regularity of information. Clearly time saved. We also use the site from time to time to search for old newsletters, which is easier when everything is centralized!

    Yuno customer

  • “Know your level of risk and prioritize your actions”

    Anticipation and monitoring are important, because they allow you to know your level of risk and prioritize your actions. Being able to anticipate vulnerabilities related to your information system will always cost less than incident management.

    Yuno customer


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Any questions?

  • What are the differences with a vulnerability scan tool?

    The watch and the vulnerability scanner are two complementary tools. Where a vulnerability scanner will carry out in-depth tests on a defined set of assets, monitoring makes it possible to monitor technologies and detect an anomaly before the publication of a patch, and this independently of any notion of asset.

  • Why keep watch if I already do in-house penetration testing?

    Monitoring allows you to continue to monitor potential entry points revealed by your penetration tests. It also allows you to justify to your internal audit that measures have been taken to protect you from the appearance of vulnerability. These two tools remain complementary because they are not used for the same reasons even if their objective remains the same: the protection of your IS.

  • What is the subscription mode?

    Yuno works on the principle of an annual subscription. During the subscription period, you can share Yuno with as many users as you want and follow an unlimited number of technologies.

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