Need help dealing with a security incident?

Respond quickly with our Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT)

XMCO is able to assemble an emergency response team

Contact us quickly on 01 79 35 29 51 or on the address but above all as far as possible and depending on the type of incident:

  • Do not turn off officiating systems

  • Do not delete any files

  • Do not run any antiviral scan

How is an incident response?

Discover our methodology

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    Identify the flaw exploited or the origin of the intrusion

  • étape 2


    Correct and block the intrusion as quickly as possible

  • étape 3


    Gather and seal as much evidence as possible

  • étape 4


    Assist in crisis management

  • étape 5


    Identify and locate the hacker

  • étape 6


    Create the complaint file

20 years of expertise in information systems security

We offer our 360° expertise on cybersecurity.

  • A multidisciplinary team resulting from the cabinet’s different security expertise: red team, blue team, pentests, cert, cti and reverse

  • Experienced consultants able to intervene in emergency and manage your crises

  • A tool for quickly analyzing and recovering traces

  • Quality deliverables to understand and carry out remediation actions

A service offered by CERT-XMCO

  • The CERT-XMCO is our CSIRT.

  • The CERT-XMCO is a member of INTERCERT France and recognized by TF-CSIRT and the trusted introducer

    This makes it possible to obtain information and collaborate with other French and European CERTs such as CERT-FR.

  • For more information on CERT-XMCO, please see our RFC 2350.

Do you want to be supported, act quickly and restore the confidence of your customers?