Make your employees aware of the risks associated with Phishing attacks

Simulate Phishing attacks in real conditions and train your employees using concrete cases.

Phishing campaigns

How are our missions with Phisherman going?

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    Expression of need

    During a discussion with our teams, you present the exercise you wish to set up. We define together how we can support you to achieve your goals.

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    Definition of the scenario

    A scenario that best meets your expectations is chosen. It is created from scratch and adapted to your context. XMCO will then carry out all the technical part until the sending of the emails.

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    Campaign follow-up

    When the campaign starts, you can follow its progress in real time on Le Portail. You have access to Key Performance Indicators and a timestamped list of all the actions performed.

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    Results analysis

    XMCO processes the results and provides you with a full analysis report. The latter gives you a clear view of the level of awareness of your employees based on the campaign carried out.

Phisherman’s strengths

  • Missions carried out in project mode by XMCO consultants

  • Adaptable level of professionalization (Classic > Advanced > Spear Phishing)

  • Choice of sending vector (Mails, SMS, USB keys, Social networks)

  • No limits on the number of targets

  • Isolated and independent infrastructure for each mission

  • End-to-end encrypted data

  • Anonymization of results on request

  • Framework developed, maintained and audited by XMCO

  • Real-time campaign monitoring

  • Global statistics for your company

  • Detailed statistics by entities

  • Analysis by consultants of your results

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