R&D at the service of innovation

Our goal: to develop skills and technologies to serve our ecosystem.

The R&D team closely monitors the latest technological advances and emerging threats.

Multidisciplinary, the team has experience in the offensive and defensive field, as well as a complete vision of your security challenges. It is illustrated through 3 missions:


Search for vulnerabilities during complex audit missions using the reverse engineering method.

Discover the latest missions carried out by the team:

  • Heavy client audit of remote administration.

  • Comparative security study of EDR solutions as part of an RFP.

  • Study of hardware encryption solution

  • Development of a windows network sharing monitoring solution

  • Creation of custom hacking demonstrations


Looking for ZeroDay vulnerabilities

Every week, experts strive to find vulnerabilities from publishers. During the latest research, the RDI team discovered the following public vulnerabilities:

  • CVE-2019-1601: Elevation of privilege on vManage component related to Cypher code injection
  • CVE-2021-1480: Elevation of privilege on underlying vManage component system to execute commands as root – Cisco SD-WAN vManage
  • Vulnerability to Crack Xerox Printer Passwords – Cisco SD-WAN vManage
  • Injection of JavaScript code (XSS) in a black box allowing access to the backoffice – OCS Inventory
  • SQL injection in gray box, allowing to elevate its privileges on the application – OCS Inventory
  • Remote code execution on the underlying gray box system via SNMP functionality – OCS Inventory
  • Allows to read arbitrary files on the system via the exploitation of an SSRF – CMS Grav

Mission 3

Create and develop new tools for our consultants as well as for certain specific needs of our customers.

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    Collaborative password cracking tool:

    • Use of multiple GPUs for increased computing power.
    • Support hundreds of algorithms
    • Use of specially designed dictionary list and optimize for XMCO needs
    • Creation of custom rules

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    Tool allowing automatic analyzes of Active Directory environment:

    • User password audit
    • Searches for compromise paths
    • Identifying Vulnerable HPA Accounts

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    Search tool for sensitive files within network shares:

    • Regex support
    • Multi-threaded for accelerated research
    • Use of list of sensitive files consolidated by pentesters

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    Post-operation tool in Windows environment:

    • NTDS File Recovery
    • Recovery of in-memory as well as local passwords
    • Remote command execution
    • Support for identity theft attacks (Pass-The-Hash, Pass-the Ticket, etc.)

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    RedTeam tool to ensure persistence on compromised servers.

    • Executing commands remotely
    • Interactive Shell
    • Proxy support
    • Support for Windows and Linux environments

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