Red Team

Put your overall enterprise security level to the test

All methods of gaining access to the internal network and then compromising resources or stealing confidential information will be exploited.

The methodology used is also based on the state of the art including the TIBER-EU framework.

  • étape 1

    Goals definition

  • étape 2

    Creation of attack scenarios

  • étape 3

    Achievement of the mission

  • étape 4

    Acquisition of trophies

  • étape 5

    Balance sheet & deliverables

A Red Team for what purposes?

  • Test all of your security without focusing only on the visible part of the iceberg (ex. web applications exposed on the Internet)

  • Measure the level of awareness of your employees vis-à-vis social engineering attacks (calls, phishing)

  • Measure the level of exposure of your IS

  • Highlight the points of attention that can have a major impact on your business

  • Test your level of intrusion detection (Blue team / SOC) against a targeted and coordinated attack

The results

  • Identification and presentation of the axes used to carry out the mission (resource compromise scenarios, photos, videos, soundtracks, etc.)

  • Presentation of exploited trophies and scenarios (sequence of exploited vulnerabilities)

  • Dedicated and context-specific recommendations

The different attack vectors

  • physical intrusion

    Our consultants will try to physically access your infrastructures (offices, datacenter, etc.) to connect directly to the internal network in a resilient way or to retrieve information (documents, etc.).

  • External intrusion

    Your entire Information System exposed to the Internet potentially constitutes a gateway to your internal network. As such, we will passively and actively seek to identify a vector of compromise / rebound.

  • social engineering

    All interactions with your collaborators can be used to develop the mission. In this context, false telephone calls, appointments, interventions, deposits of USB keys in places accessible to the public, etc. can be implemented.

  • Phishing

    Your employees will be targeted by Phishing emails aimed at recovering sensitive information such as identifiers in order to continue the operation of the mission.

Why choose XMCO?

  • Proven experience in penetration testing (external, internal IS, applications, SAP, WiFi, etc.)

  • More than 40 Phishing campaigns per year, some of which simulate professional and targeted attacks

  • Intrusion tools designed and developed internally (logical and physical backdoor allowing horizontal and vertical movement within the IS, extraction of passwords from memory, etc.)

  • Auditors adapt their intrusion according to your business context in order to highlight critical risks for your company

  • A team of consultants works in parallel on this type of mission and their individual experience on these subjects allows them to present the results to the general management with the appropriate speech